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Will Ford Still be Making Cars in 2019

December 19, 2018

Will Ford Still be Making Cars in 2019

With the goal of transforming their overall lineup of cars by 2020, Ford has announced that it will slowly decline its production of cars over the coming years. In fact, by 2020, Ford has expressed a desire to revamp and refresh nearly 75% of all of their Ford vehicle models. 

Essentially, over the next several years, Ford will slowly stop selling many of its cars in North America. Ford will slim down the line-up to include SUVs, trucks, crossovers, the Focus Active, and the Mustang as the only cars that it will sell. However, because this news was somewhat abruptly announced, many have questioned the background behind Ford’s newly-newly described plan.

For example, the Focus, Taurus, and the Fiesta were the first Ford vehicles to be phased out as production will be stopped on these models in March and May of 2019. The Focus Active is currently being assembled in China with a plan to import all of the models into the United States. Surprisingly, the mid-size Fusion will not be axed quite yet, and consumers will still have the opportunity to purchase one of these vehicles.

Similarly, Ford has announced a plan to work with only five platforms. These platforms will consist of one solely for commercial vans, a scaled-chassis platform for trucks, a platform specifically for the electric vehicle market, a single-structure platform featuring front-wheel drive, and lastly, another single-structure built solely for rear-wheel drive.

All of these changes will enable Ford to cut operating costs by nearly $14 billion dollars - a key figure in helping them adapt to the rapidly-shifting wishlists of consumers. Investors believe that these savings will allow Ford to begin the process of retooling their overall lineup of mechanics and machinery as they approach 2020 with the desire of new car lineups.

While many jobs may be lost from the reduction in car production, Ford will continue to build a number of crossovers and SUVs, and the necessity to construct newer models may enable mechanics to maintain their jobs on these production lines. These newer lineups will be extremely complex, and Ford has expressed a desire to maintain the expertise of its current workforce.

By streamlining their production facilities, Ford has expressed a desire to momentarily halt production in pursuit of the next, great innovation. Ford is attempting to outflank any competition and stay on top of industry trends for the foreseeable future. In short, Ford is hoping to stay in the game.

Overall, by reducing the amount of manufacturing, Ford has streamlined their process in creating new, innovative cars. By being able to develop more new models without being forced to redesign all of their mechanics, Ford will be able to move faster and decrease costs.

Ultimately, by working with this smaller engineering department with fewer platforms, Ford is at the forefront of ushering in a newer way of developing and releasing cars. Consumers should stay tuned and watch as 2019 will be sure to further provide consumers with a glimpse into Ford’s new operating model. Despite these changes with the manufacturer, we assure you that our service to you will only get better. Contact Team Ford for all your current and future Ford buying and servicing needs!

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