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Why the Ford Fiesta ST is Not to be Overlooked

September 7, 2017

Why the Ford Fiesta ST is Not to be Overlooked

We can all admit that 2017 was a great year for cars, right?

There were some incredible breakthroughs in the automotive world.  Everything from new eco-boost engines to silent diesel motors entered the market.  During all this hype, some cars might have slipped under some buyers’ radars. 

However, the 2017 Ford Fiesta ST is definitely not a car you’ll want to overlook. We compiled a list of some of this car’s greatest features.  So read along, as we explore why this piece of automotive greatness is not to be overlooked. 


A Fun Drive

Who ever said that a family hatchback wouldn’t be fun to drive?  

Taking a look under the hood, the Ford Fiesta ST offers a 1.6 liter petrol engine. With 197 horsepower, this car offers a 0-60 mph speed of 6.9 seconds, which is pretty fast for a vehicle in this price range.  The exhaust also created quite the roar that ranked on par with most sports cars.

Perhaps the best part of the driving experience is the Ford Fiesta ST’s tight suspension.  So many automotive articles neglect a car’s turning abilities.  But really, how many drivers have this at the top of their minds?  Thankfully, the Ford ST reminds most drivers why suspension feels like such a great feature when performed correctly.  With a skid pad grip of .93 g and 202 lb. of torque, turning never felt better.   Driving up those annoying up spirals in parking garages never felt easier.  In fact, the turning feels so smooth that driving in circles in an empty parking lot can even feel fun. 

At the end of the day, the Ford ST offers a fun driving experience that’s hard to find in the automotive world—especially in a car of this price. 


The Interior

The fun does not end with the driving experience.  The inside of the car also has some nice features not found in all automotive vehicles.  These might not rank on par with top-end luxury vehicles, but they still provide plenty of fun for any driving experience. 

The five cup holders add something slightly uncommon for a subcompact.  But at the same time, a car full of passengers will appreciate the feature nonetheless. 

Cup holders are a feature easy to overlook.  However, the infotainment system adds plenty of convenience for any driver.  A touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto caters to most drivers on the market.  The optional services of navigation and real time traffic reports only sweeten the deal since so many drivers fiddle with their smart phones while driving to access such features.  In other words, the optional features add an indirect sense of safety to the car for many drivers.



Driving a fun car feels great.  But nothing beats driving a safe fun car.  Sadly, a huge portion of automotive news overlooks safety features.

Thankfully, the Ford Fiesta offers plenty.  For one, the car harbors seven airbags to keep its passengers safe. In fact, the Fiesta received a whooping 5 out of 5 stars when it comes to side crashes. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety also rated major safety features as “good.”  This means that the Fiesta offers ample options for keeping passengers safe during various types of impacts. 

Overall, US News gave the 2017 Ford Fiesta a safety score of 8.8 out of 10, and ranked it #4 in subcompact cars. It is definitely not a car to be overlooked.

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