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What to Look For In a Used Car

January 26, 2018

What to Look For In a Used Car

Looking for a used car? Don’t know where to start? We understand what that feels like.

Buying a used car is not an easy task. A majority of the times, a used vehicle is found subjected to significant wear and tear. Some used vehicles may appear brand new on the outside, but there could be some hidden damage or issues that you may not be aware of. You may have to make plenty of important decisions to ensure that you don’t regret your decision.

While there are no shortcuts to finding a used car that is worth every penny, allow us to let you in on a few secrets that can help you evaluate your choices carefully.

Here are the three areas that you should pay careful attention to:

Exterior: Looks Matter

A used F-150, for example, is nothing if it has failed to maintain its dashing appearance. Start by having a good look at the exterior of the car. Note if there are any scratches or dents in the body. Check for any uneven gaps in-between the panels and if the paint of the car appears to be even all over the car. Take a close look at the headlights, and check whether the indicators are in working condition. Thoroughly inspect the tires and see if they have enough tread on them and that any wear is even across the tread. Lastly, be sure to take a look at the suspension: push down on each corner of the car and observe if it bounces back up smoothly.

Interior: Take a Look Inside

However, the exterior isn’t all that counts. The interior of the car plays an equally important role in adding to the overall value of a vehicle. Inspect the interior upholstery and its condition. While any minor cosmetic fixes are easy to take care of, you need to ensure the interior doesn’t require any major repairs or replacements.

Don’t Forget To Look Under the Hood

When working with used car dealers, you should take all the time you need to carefully inspect the vehicle. Most used car dealers clean their vehicles thoroughly and can make a used F-150 appear brand new before presenting it to potential buyers. However, it is what resides underneath the hood that unveils the hidden truth.

Whether you have your trustworthy mechanic by your side or are looking to make decisions on your own, it is crucial to have a look under the hood. With the engine off, you inspect all the components under the hood and look for any signs of poor quality repairs, lack of maintenance, leaks, and the smell of burnt oil or antifreeze.

Need More Help?

If purchasing used cars might not be your best skill, consider looking for a certified pre-owned car. Certified pre-owned cars are an excellent choice when it comes to purchasing a vehicle that offers the buyer an added level of quality assurance. Most local car deals offer certified pre-owned cars with warranties covering various areas of the car, and present an opportunity for amateur car buyers to get their hands on a reliable vehicle.

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