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The Reviews For The 2017 Ford GT Are In

June 5, 2017

The Reviews For The 2017 Ford GT Are In

Fans of the Ford automotive company have been excited to learn more about what the new 2017 Ford GT will have to offer. A quick look at the GT shows definite promise, as fans found that the appearance pays clear homage to the GT40. Though many of the themes are the same, drivers can look forward to tremendous technological advancements include the vehicle. The developments are particularly noticeable around the frame of the vehicle, as extensive use of aluminum and carbon fiber help keep the car just over 3,000 pounds, with an integrated roll cage to provide drivers with additional protection.

The vehicle features active aerodynamics that helps divert the airflow all across the car's body in order to help drivers control speed. Rear wings will help control the car's height and position, aiding in fine-tuning the way the vehicle produces down force. Through hard braking, this section can act as an airbrake, which is necessary to improve handling in emergency situations. Upon entering the interior, the viewer is treated to an attractive cockpit. The sleek design matches up perfectly with the angular silhouette featured around the vehicle's exterior.

The seats are anchored in a comfortable fashion, emphasizing positioning to provide the driver with optimal distance from the wheel and console. The dial-covered steering wheel is able to tilt and telescope in order to better meet the driver's hands, and there are numerous USB ports and helpful sectioning to optimize the way the driver uses the interior. The surfacing is beautifully crafted, and an infotainment screen is mounted to the dashboard to provide drivers with comfortable viewing without appearing too distracting during intensive drives. The cockpit has an old-school sci-fi feel to it, something that many fans of the brand have been looking forward to for a while.

The vehicle also features a powerful engine system designed to optimize driving in all conditions. The twin, turbocharged EcoBoost V6 engines offer drivers accessibility in a manageable and compact package, though some may want more cylinders to get a little more power behind the wheel. Regardless of the cylinder sizing, the vehicle is able to comfortably produce 647 horsepower at an incredible 184 horsepower every liter, in addition to 550 available pound-feet of torque. Those interested in checking out the vehicle should be sure to keep up with releases to find out where it can become available.

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