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The 2018 Ford Focus Electric

March 7, 2018

The 2018 Ford Focus Electric

Since 2011, the Ford Focus Electric has been a greener choice for compact car buyers. Last year saw a big jump in driving range, as rated by the EPA, thanks to Ford’s fitting of a 40 percent more efficient lithium-ion battery that’s no larger than the previous model. According to the EPA, the Ford Focus Electric driving range is now 115 miles - a 51 percent increase over previous models. The EPA estimates a 118 MPGe City, 96 MPGe Highway rating.

The 2018 Ford Focus Electric comes standard with a Fast Charge system, which can upload 75 miles of range in 30 minutes when using a 150 amp DC charger. When the connector is plugged into the charging port, an LED indicator lights up in quadrants that represent the level of charge. When the indicator is solidly lit, the charge cycle is complete.

An efficient motor is also an important factor in delivering a long range between charges. The 2018 Ford Focus Electric is fitted with a permanent magnet electric traction motor that develops 107 kW (equivalent to 143 horsepower) delivered through a single-speed automatic transmission.

The SmartGauge with EcoGuide communicates to the driver surplus range with the use of images of blue butterflies. There’s a Brake Coach that helps you learn how to apply the brakes in normal driving situations to allow the Regenerative Braking System to capture energy otherwise lost. While the butterflies and Brake Coach may be a little difficult to explain, it’s very intuitive when you’re behind the wheel. At the end of each trip, the display summarizes distance driven, miles gained through regenerative braking, energy consumed, and the energy conserved over a car that had been fueled with gasoline instead.

Environmental concerns go beyond the drive system. Eco-conscious materials used include soy, bio-based foam seat cushions and REPREVE fabric made from 100 percent recycled content covers the front bucket and rear bench seats.

Technology and communications are well-integrated in the 2018 Ford Focus Electric, with a Sony nine-speaker audio system, available SiriusXM radio, two Smart Charging USB ports, and SYNC 3, Ford’s enhanced Voice Recognition Communications and Entertainment System with a Capacitive Touchscreen with Navigation in the Center Stack.

In addition, the 2018 Ford Focus Electric includes MyFord Mobile app which allows owners to remotely check existing charge levels via their smartphones, estimated electric range, as well as the amount of charge time necessary for additional distance. The app can also remotely lock and unlock doors, remotely start or cancel remote start, and set go times, which customers can use to set desired interior temperature using utility power before starting out on a trip.

Regardless of whether you’re interested in a 2018 Focus Electric for environmental reasons or you’re looking to avoid stopping at the gas station, Team Ford is your dealership. Come in for a closer look at the Ford Focus Electric and to get an expert’s help on choosing your next car.

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