Spotlight on Ford’s New Electric Car

February 15, 2019

Spotlight on Ford’s New Electric Car

Over the past several months, rumors have emerged that Ford may be pursuing a next generation electric crossover. This would be Ford’s first all-electric vehicle to be built from the base up, and experts are excited for what this represents. By pursuing electric vehicles, Ford is indicative of a shift towards more eco-friendly, fuel-efficient cars. With their release of an electric vehicle, Ford would place themselves at the forefront of electric cars and set itself up for major success in the oncoming years.

Ford has suggested that this electric vehicle will be based on their most-iconic muscle car. The Ford Mustang, which consumers have been driving for years, is allegedly the design influence for this new vehicle. Ford has even released teaser videos, which indicate that this may be the case. By drawing key design elements from this vehicle, the new electric crossover will definitely be a gorgeous, sleek vehicle that demands attention from onlookers.

The electric vehicle, sometimes referred to as Mach 1, looks extremely similar to the Mustang, but the design theme follows the innovative nature of the all-electric vehicle. On the exterior, the car maintains sleek lines and bold color schemes. The lights seem to pop out of the hood, and it is adorned with a gorgeous front grill. This car is truly the perfect mash-up of modern utility as well as past design. It is beautiful, and truly retains the important characteristics of the Ford Mustang’s DNA.

According to several Ford employees, this vehicle is only one of many electric cars that Ford is set to release in the ensuing years. Ford is set to release nearly 16 different battery-electric vehicles to market by 2022, and the Mach 1 is an important step in achieving this goal. In fact, Ford has even formed an internal team, known as Team Edison, to oversee all advances in the electric car industry. Plus, Ford has directed nearly one-third of the internal combustion engine investments towards electric cars. This marks an extremely new shift for Ford and suggests that other automakers may soon follow this example.

Several cars have been announced including a plug-in hybrid Mustang and F150, which will be released by 2020. An all-electric CUV will also be released which will maintain nearly 300 miles of range. This is an extreme amount of flexibility for hybrid car users, and Ford is releasing a number of unique innovations.

This is also paired with Ford’s announcement that they will be pursuing a focus on SUVs and trucks rather than smaller, passenger vehicles. If Ford releases an all-electric truck in the next few years, this could truly mark a significant shift in the car market’s attitude towards electric vehicles. Ford has a history of reinventing the auto-market, and over the next several years they are sure to continue this pattern.

If the Mach 1 is any indication, Ford’s all-electric vehicles will be sleek, luxurious cars that will not disappoint. Team Ford will continue to keep you updated on any new information.

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