Safety Features to Install in Your Used Car

January 11, 2018

Safety Features to Install in Your Used Car

We tend to disagree whenever someone tells us that buying a used car means having to compromise on comfort and safety. Looking for a used car should never mean overlooking essential safety features. While most car buyers focus on buying a flawless looking car, they often fail to ensure that it meets modern safety standards.

For just a few hundred dollars, you can add the latest safety technology to your used car and make it as safe as any modern vehicle available today. If you are a buyer in search of making their vehicle safe for the road, here are five modern safety features to install in your car:

1.    Anti-lock Brake System (ABS)

An anti-lock brake system is a rather important safety feature that all vehicles should have. Wondering what an ABS is? In the event of skidding with all four wheels locked, the ABS enables the driver to continue steering the car and maintain control under hard braking. While most new cars are already equipped with an ABS, it is essential that used car owners invest in this safety feature to avoid horrid accidents.

2.    Forward-Collision Warning/Lane Departure Warning system

Ever since its introduction, forward-collision warning or lane departure warning systems have helped save the lives of thousands of drivers. Systems and software, like the collision warning with pre-installed brake support in the Ford F-150, can help cars detect pedestrians, cyclists, specified speed limits, and other vehicles. Furthermore, it alerts the driver each time they change lanes and in instances when there is an imminent collision.

3.    Emergency Assistance

Emergency assistance sends out an alert to the driver’s phone if it detects a mechanical problem, and allows them to request for roadside assistance with just a tap on their phone. Additionally, in the event of an accident, emergency assistance automatically sends a request for emergency services.

4.    Head-Protecting Side Airbags

Modern cars, such as the Ford F-150, come equipped with driver airbags, passenger airbags, and front head airbags. However, when it comes to used cars, a dealer might not pay attention towards ensuring that the airbags are functional, let alone consider replacing the old ones with newer, safer airbags.

How many types of airbags are there, anyways? The answer is MANY. However, airbags generally fall under two types: dedicated head-protection airbag and standard side airbag. The standard side airbag deploys from the seat and helps in protecting the torso and the head. A dedicated head-protection airbag, on the other hand, is something definitely worth paying special attention to. Deployed from above the side windows, these airbags help keep the occupants from hitting their head against any debris resulting from the crash.

5.    Blind Spot Detection System

Using sensors to monitor the sides of the car, blind spot detection systems flash an icon for the driver to notify that there is something in the way. Monitoring area within 10 feet of the vehicle, the blind spot detection system is a feature that you can benefit from while parking, reversing, and in dark areas.


When buying a used car, we suggest that you make sure to check that all the required safety mechanisms are installed and fully operational. Equip your used car with safety features that comply with modern standards and get the peace of mind that you deserve.

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