Notes Other SUVs Can Take From the Ford Expedition

September 27, 2017

Notes Other SUVs Can Take From the Ford Expedition

Another year, another Ford Expedition.  At least this seems to represent Ford’s model for the past 20 years.  Really though, who could blame the American automotive company?  Over the years this SUV brought some of the best performance over most other vehicles in its class.

Ford promises to mix things up a bit in 2018.  No, they are not changing anything fans do not want changed.  But at the same time, these aren’t going to be some minor changes no one notices either.  Each of these promised upgrades will provide a pretty big difference in the way this the Expedition feels and handles. 

So, read along with us as we highlight our favorite changes and features of the new 2018 Ford Expedition.  These are the specs that would really spice up the automotive market if other SUVs took notice.


Under The Hood

Let’s begin by taking a look at how this SUV performs.  Equipped with a 3.5L EcoBoost V-6 engine, we already know to expect big things.  No, this might not be as big as a V-8.  But keep in mind this engine closely models that of the new Ford Raptor, which so far, has outperformed the V-8 model in many ways.

The 2018 Ford Expedition looks to follow a similar suit.  Here, you will find an impressive 375 horsepower roaring through that V-6 engine.  At the time, you can expect to feel 470 lb-ft torque delivering the smoothest of turns.  Does this still not sound good enough? Then perhaps the 10-speed automatic transmission will catch your attention. 

Beyond these known figures, Ford promises to improve some other performance specs as well.  For starters, the 9200 lb. towing capacity from the 2017 model will improve.  As we all know, this number was already quite impressive for an SUV so we can only imagine how much better the towing capacity can become.

Furthermore, the engine did not receive the name EcoBoost without good reason.  The previous Expedition model offered 22mpg on highways. Now Ford promises to improve this vehicle’s fuel economy for the 2018 version.  Keep in mind that this was already one of the best mpg rates for an SUV on the market, especially when compared to vehicles like the Toyota Land Cruiser’s 18 highway mpg.

Lastly, this SUV comes equipped with RWD.  So, what should you do if you ever need to drive this car through snow or dirt trails?  The answer is pretty simple.  Switch on that Control Trac for an exceptional 4WD experience. 

Honestly, we can gush over this SUV’s specs for days.  But the above numbers already prove the 2018 Ford Expedition will pack quite the performance punch when compared to other SUVs in the automotive market.


Interior Luxury

Let’s be honest:

If you’re buying an SUV, you will definitely have a few passengers in your car.  Rest assured, the inside experience ranks on par with this vehicle’s performance specs.  In other words, this Ford Expedition’s interior is pretty comfy and awesome.

Keep in mind that the 2018 model will reach 214-in long and gain an extra 1.1-in in width.  Why do these numbers matter?  Well, because these lengths allow for some spacious leg room for row 2 and 3 passengers.  No longer will the 3rd row rank as the kid’s table for SUVs.  Here, adults will fit quite comfortably with plenty of elbow room.

To make even better use of this space, note that each seat in the second and third row of the Expedition will slide and flip—providing even more leg room and storage space.  You can even move these seats with a child’s car seat in place, which offers a convenience many SUVs on the market currently lack.

If you enjoy storage in your SUVs, you will not want to overlook the Expedition’s Cargo Protector. There is a lip on the lower sill that prevents luggage and items from spilling out of your car when you open your hatch.

Lastly, your passengers will receive a modern comfort experience.  The Expedition offers 15 cup holders.  Passengers will also find six USB slots, four 12V outlets, a wireless charger, and a 115V plug.  The passengers can also enjoy two backseat video screens, capable of receiving input from DVDs, USBs, HDMI, and streaming from Wi-Fi connections.  This feature will surely keep both your children and adult passengers satisfied. 

For drivers, the Ford Expedition offers the Sync 3 user interface.  This 8-in touch screen connects to mobile devices from 50-feet outside the car.  Yes, you can expect to connect to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto with this feature.  Furthermore, the Sync 3 offers Ford Pass, which allows you to start, unlock, and even locate your vehicle with your smartphone from anywhere.  Again, this is a convenience feature you never knew you wanted. 



What good is a car if you’re not even safe driving it?  Sure, the vehicle might pack comfort and performance, but nothing feels better than knowing you’re safe during any unfortunate events that might occur. 

Thankfully, the Ford Expedition offers some of the best automotive safety features on the market.  Everything from lane departure warnings to blind spot detection will contribute to a safe driving experience.  Furthermore, a backup camera will prevent any unwanted dings when parking. 

Keep in mind that the Ford Expedition received a full 5-star safety rating.  This is the highest rating for automotive safety a vehicle can receive.  So yes, this SUV is a very safe car.

But this wouldn’t be exceptional without Ford’s promised upgrades for the 2018 model.  For this version, Ford added a C-pillar design to give more strength to the roof in the instance of rollover accidents.


The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, there’s no denying that the 2018 Ford Expedition will be quite the contender in the automotive market.  Few other SUVs combine performance with safety and luxury quite in this manner. 

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