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New Ford Update Brings Apple and Android Software Changes to 2016 Models

July 1, 2017

New Ford Update Brings Apple and Android Software Changes to 2016 Models

When it comes to optimizing the driving experience, it always a good idea to think about what will make the drive the most comfortable for the user. Automotive companies are turning their attentions not only to optimizing hardware changes in their vehicles, but also software ones. As computer and smart technology becomes more and more advanced, manufacturers are integrating greater connectivity features that can provide drivers with a greater degree of safety, entertainment, and long-term sustainability when it comes to the drive itself. With more central integration, drivers may change the vehicle's safety options and internal infotainment systems with just a push of a button.


One such company is already announcing that it plans to maximize on technological advancements in order to provide drivers with a stronger way to stay connected. Ford has recently stated that they are going to release a tremendous software update to model-year 2016 cars with the SYNC 3 system in order to improve software options for drivers. Ford fans can expect to use the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay systems during the drive, which allows them to stay connected to their smartphone devices as comfortable for their lifestyles. These changes also promise to provide drivers with more micromanagement opportunities depending on their home and phone smart connectivity.


In order to obtain the update, drivers may explore three routes according to their comfort. One of the simplest ways to download the update is to use the over-the-air function if their vehicle is connected through a central Wi-Fi. The driver can also bring their vehicle over to a local Ford dealership so that the professionals there can handle the update. Finally, drivers may also download the update to a USB device and then plug it into the car to begin a manual update. The right versions will need to be matched, but, otherwise, the update process itself is relatively quick and painless.


This update come at a competitive time, as automakers Volvo and Audi have recently announced that they are planning on using the Android operating system as the primary system for their new vehicles. Though Ford is making updates to include Android options for interested drivers, the brand does not want to replace the SYNC 3 systems entirely. This means drivers can look forward to a greater degree of operating system versatility in the future.

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