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Mustang EV Crossover TF

June 19, 2019

Mustang EV Crossover TF

Ford has been teasing us about a Mustang-inspired, completely electric crossover SUV since the better part of last year, and rumor has it that it will be revealed a little later this year. Rumor also has it that it will then go into production in 2020 for the 2021 model year. If this indeed turns out to be true, it will be the very first Ford vehicle designed from the ground up to be completely electric, unlike the current electric Ford Fusion that was adapted from the gas version into an electric version.


Speculation and excitement surrounding this new electric crossover have all been building for some time, and it all started with a teaser image: a sketch of a rear fascia with three-bar taillights that clearly remind us of the well known and well loved Mustang. Besides that, there was not much else we could see, and not much else has been revealed. In fact, in terms of performance, Ford has only revealed one singular detail: its range. This new electric crossover SUV will be capable of being driven for approximately 370 miles on a singular charge. This will easily make it the longest range electric car on the market today, beating out the current leader: Tesla. A cryptic tweet during Tesla’s Model Y unveiling further fueled this fire. The tweet itself was just a minimalistic image of the Mustang’s logo in a neon blue shade on a completely black background, with the caption, “hold your horses.” The implication being that this vehicle will be far better than anything Tesla has on the market today.


Besides that one detail though, the rest of what we have at the moment is nothing more than some rumors and speculations. According to some reports, this Mustang crossover is supposed to come with Ford’s next generation of Ford’s multimedia system. It will also supposedly have a larger multimedia screen than what can currently be found in today’s models. The cockpit is supposed to be digital, with a large, center touchscreen where you would control the radio, temperature, etc. It’s also suspected that the vehicle will bear the nameplate “Mach-E,” after Ford recently applied for the trademark to the name.


Considering Ford has invested $11 billion towards creating electric vehicles in an effort to sell 16 battery electric models and 24 hybrid models worldwide by 2022, we’re certain that this Mustang EV crossover will not disappoint. Overall, we’re very excited to see not only what this electric crossover SUV will look like, but we’re also very excited to see all of its capabilities. If you want to stay informed up-to-date news and information on everything Ford-related, make sure to check back on our blog often, and follow us on social media. In the meantime, if you’re in the market for a new crossover SUV, a new Mustang, or even a new electric or hybrid vehicle, just come on down and visit our dealership. We would love to help you find the car, truck, or SUV of your dreams.

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