How FordPass Will Change the Way You Drive

November 20, 2017

How FordPass Will Change the Way You Drive

It’s 2018.  By this point, we’re wondering if there’s anything our smartphones can’t do.  In fact, Ford has us wondering this question even more now since the release of its FordPass smartphone app.  In a sense, the American manufacturer attempts to bridge the gap between smartphones and cars.  The end result seems to be something promising for the future.  In its current state, are you curious to see how the FordPass mobile app will change the way you drive your car? Then read along with us to learn why you want to download this app immediately!


What is FordPass?

In the simplest (and most obvious) terms, FordPass is a free app you can download for your smartphone now.  In practice, the app offers so many features and utility that we’ll need more than a single sentence to describe everything it does.  As we mentioned earlier, this is an app that will change the way you drive from point A to point B.


Ford Marketplace

Starting off, the app offers quick access to many paid features from Ford.  Don’t worry though, you can make use of most of the app’s services for free.  The only times you’ll need to pay is when you load the virtual FordPay wallet—already sponsored by 7-Eleven and McDonalds—and when you make use of any FlightCar services.  These services include any type of ridesharing from carpooling to public transportation and bike rentals.  We weren’t lying when we said this app would help you get from point A to point B—you don’t even need to drive your Ford car to make use of some of these features.


SYNC Connect

As you might have guessed, this is the part where the fun and cool showoff features begin.  Once you connect the app to your car, you can track all sorts of features from your phone.  These include starting your car, fuel, oil, and battery charge levels, and tire pressure monitoring. 

For some, the standout feature here will be the lock and unlock function.  Long gone are the days of locking your keys in your car and trying to fish open the locks with a hanger.  Instead, a simple click on your smartphone instantly unlocks the doors. 

If you often park in busy cities, FordPass will help you find parking spaces in advance—you can even reserve and pay for the spaces directly from the app. 

If you ever find yourself running low on fuel, FordPass will even display the nearest gas station.  Additionally, the app can filter by grade and brand if you need.

If you ever lose your car, you can always make use of the locate feature.  This is nice for those times you forget where you park—Say goodbye to those days of wandering around the wrong parking garage for 20 minutes searching for a car you parked a block away.


Ford Guides 

The utility features are only the start of the fun here.  If you ever need help learning the fastest and most convenient forms of travel, you can contact a call center through the app where educated assistants will answer questions similar to these.

These assistants are also happy to help you understand how to make the most of the apps and features as well.  While you’re at it, don’t be afraid to ask about any paid products or services—Ford promises that these assistants will only provide information and help—never try to sell you any products.  

In other words, you’re getting a free concierge service here—can we ask for more from a Ford App?


Final Thoughts

FordPass is certainly an app that will add convenience to any drive.  Best of all, the app is FREE.  Therefore, don’t miss out on the above perks—download the app now and gain instant access to free guides and plenty of flashy services. You can find a link to the iOS version here, and the Google Play version here.

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