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Ford's Autonomous Car Development Branch Plans a Move to the Strip District

March 20, 2017

Ford's Autonomous Car Development Branch Plans a Move to the Strip District

With so many fans excited for the development of autonomous vehicles, it comes as no surprise that some of the biggest names in the automotive industry have taken up the reins on a number of self-driving projects and developments. Ford is no different, and the manufacturing giant plans to work with Argo AI, a Pittsburgh-based start-up specializing in artificial intelligence that is planning on building the brains behind the major autonomous vehicle development for Ford Motors. The company has announced that it is planning on making its base of operations within the Strip District in the local area, right along the nearby Allegheny River.

Though Argo AI has declined to provide listeners with a comment on the building's specifics, the co-founder of the company has said that he is interested in development in this location because of how close it is to similar technologically minded companies. He believes that this is where the technical hub is located in Pittsburgh, and he cannot wait to get the headquarters established so that the company can get started on new developments as soon as possible. The neighborhood has easy access to a number of other districts through a connected commute network, and many employees are excited to be a part of the development.

Speaking from a technical standpoint, there are many software engineers who plan to work with the company, and an open and collaborative environment is necessary to encourage others to do their best. In addition to the necessary software development, the brand is also planning on doing extensive testing of components and entire vehicles. In such a way, another major necessity of the space is plenty of room for a garage. Here, professionals can develop the space in order to better service and maintain vehicles while optimizing hardware development. With all of the functional aspects coming together, many professionals in the industry are excited to get started.

Early in February, Ford had announced that it is planning on investing upwards of $1 billion in the project over a course of five years. The automaker has said that it wants to provide drivers with a fully autonomous vehicle as early as 2021. Ford officials have said that working the area will be paramount to their goals because of the pool of talented engineers in the local area. With so many developments planned, it is not surprising that fans are so excited for the future.

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