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Ford Using Wind Energy to Construct Raptor, Ranger, and F-150 Trucks

March 15, 2019

Ford Using Wind Energy to Construct Raptor, Ranger, and F-150 Trucks

For their latest round of vehicles, Ford has announced that they will be relying on an innovative form of energy to produce these cars. According to a recent press release, Ford will be procuring nearly 500,000 megawatt hours of wind energy from local Michigan wind farms. In accordance with a tariff that was announced, Ford has the opportunity to use this energy in producing their vehicles, and they have partnered with DTEs MiGreenPower program in order to accomplish this.

In fact, Ford is the first company to announce that they will be partnering to utilize the benefits of this tariff, and they are also one of the first automotive manufactures to begin using clean energy in producing vehicles.

Ford will begin this collaboration in Michigan at their Dearborn Truck Plant, which is home to the Ford Raptor and Ford F-150, as well as the Michigan Assembly Plant, which houses the all new 2019 Ford Ranger. Ford will also pursue implementing this technology at the Corktown, and Ford Research and Engineering Campuses. Ford is a global company based in Dearborn, Michigan, so they will definitely continue using the available clean energies. In fact, it appears as if this new association with wind energy is only the first step in their longtime pursuit of reducing the overall carbon footprint of their vehicles.

The Ford Global Director of Energy and Technology, George Andraos, commented on this, saying, “Ford supports the implementation of renewable energy where the project can be tied to the customer’s facility, either directly or through the local distribution utility, and we believe that supports local jobs, improves the local environment, and adds resiliency to the local grid. This project is a great investment for the State of Michigan and will have direct impact on our state.” 

Similarly, Ford is also planning to launch an all-new Global Carbon Reduction Strategy which will be primarily focused on enhancing the available energies used in cars, and it will be paired with the company’s twentieth annual sustainability report. 

Ford has already been extremely inventive with their latest line of 2019 trucks, so it is exciting to watch them continue to innovate in new spaces. Ultimately, this green energy will help Ford make a positive impact on the environment and possibly begin influencing other manufactures to pursue a similar course of action. These iconic Ford vehicles will be crafted with care and the help of clean energy, and it appears as if Ford will continue to stay at the forefront of innovation.

We are extremely excited for the ways in which Ford is reaching for the future and tangibly working to improve the ways in which they manufacture vehicles. At Team Ford, we look forward to the ways in which Ford will continue to radically innovate their vehicles as well as the manufacturing processes. Ford will continue to craft reliable, dependable vehicles, but their newfound reliance on clean energy is significant. These Ford trucks will best be appreciated in person, so contact us about seeing them for yourself!

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