Ford is Overhauling Its Super Duty Truck

April 25, 2019

Ford is Overhauling Its Super Duty Truck

With the 2020 model year, Ford will mark the beginning of a new generation of Super Duty trucks. This transition began back in 2017, when Ford swapped from steel to a lighter aluminum for most of the bodywork. In fact, Ford’s 2017 version of their Super Duty truck was the first newly redesigned version since the 1998 model year. This adherence to consistency continues with the 2020 Super Duty truck. Ford retains the same powertrains from recent generations, while adding new engines as well as innovating a number of features underneath the hood. Overall, the all-new 2020 Super Duty truck is a rugged, reliable vehicle that is fully equipped for any task that you may throw at it.

Recent trends have shown that the majority of Super Duty buyers are opting for diesel, rather than gasoline. As a result, Ford has spent significant amounts of time fine-tuning the PowreStroke 6.7 liter V8 engine and tweaking parts in order to maximize power, torque, and payload. This has set Ford far apart from their competition in regards to its towing power and fuel efficiency. While we can’t really promise anything, we do expect improvement on the current 450 horsepower, 935 pound-feet of torque, 7,640 pounds of payload, and 35,100 pounds of towing.

There’s more interesting news in terms of the gas engines too though. Out is the old Triton V10, being replaced instead with a pushrod V8 design. At 22 years old, the Triton is getting long in the tooth, and the folks at Ford have realized that you can gain plenty of power and torque out of a V8. This time around there will be two options: a 6.2 liter and a 6.8 liter version, both of which will likely improve on pasty power numbers if Ford plans to stay on top of the truck market.

All of these engines will come standard with a new 10-speed TorqShift transmission, which has been standard in most of the recent Mustang and F150 models. In the passenger cabin, you will find all the newest, coolest gadgets, from Wi-Fi connectivity to interesting fleet management tools for trucks headed for commercial settings. There will also be wireless charging, as well as ample USB and C ports to keep you up and running in the modern age. Automatic braking is standard on all models from XLT and up, as well as electric lane-keeping alerts, pedestrian alarms, and blind-spot monitors. These features make the new Fords as smart as they are safe. Those with trailers will also love the available backup assistance tech.

Cosmetically, look forward to the new grilles with larger openings for better cooling, as well as LED headlights and, in some models, new daytime running lights. There also appear to be interior trim upgrades throughout. It’s clear that in 2020 Ford is not just making a refreshed F series, it is gunning for Truck of the Year, and they just might get it.

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