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Ford Focus RS "Buzz Car" Can Read Your Emotions

February 12, 2018

Ford Focus RS "Buzz Car" Can Read Your Emotions

Determined to prove that driving a vehicle, be it an electric car or a sports car, can help improve your mental well-being, Ford is back with a bang! Presenting the automotive giant's very own take on a sports car being man's best friend, the Ford Focus RS is a car that understands your emotions.

Dr. Cavan Fyans of Sensum, the developer of the technology that went into the Ford Focus RS says, "Cars know what's happening with the environment, where they are and weather - but nothing about the humans. Putting our tech in cars means we can feed emotions back in."

Ever felt like hitting the road only because you feel depressed or simply in need of clearing your mind? With the Ford Focus RS by your side, you get to express your emotions with the power of your car.

“The Buzz Car is a special concept car which is meant to allow for not only the measurement of people’s emotional responses, but also the display of those emotional responses as the driver is feeling them,” says Dr. Harry Witchel, a professor of physiology.

Wait a Second. How Does This Technology Work?

Jumping into some technical details about the working mechanism of this unique development by Ford, the "Buzz Car" is powered by a gaming PC linked to thousands of bright LED lights on the exterior and to sensors that monitor the driver's physical and mental state. Two sensors are worn on the wrists to monitor the heart rate and skin response respectively. The information collected by the sensors are passed on to the system, which triggers a display of LED lights matching the emotions of the driver.

In simple words, the Ford Focus RS is equipped with sensors that capture information and showcase it on the outside through LED lights, representing the emotions of the driver.

What It Feels Like to be Behind the Wheel?

For one, you have a way of expressing your emotions without saying a word. However, bringing more to the table, the car has a 345bhp hyper-hatch that triggers the lights to when you experience a special "thrillseeking moment."

What Impact Will the Buzz Car have on the Industry?

The introduction of this Buzz Car that boasts the ability to tune into the driver's emotions has given the automotive industry new hopes of making driving safe. With a car like the Ford Focus RS that flashes a beautiful white light during buzz moments – the moments of peak emotional activity, as defined by Dr. Cavan Fyans – such technology can help the industry improve the safety standards.

“If you’re stressed, nervous, distracted, we can detect these things. This is a big emerging market. A lot of automobile manufacturers are working out how to humanize the technology."

A car that helps others on the road to understand if there is a stressed driver or passenger, the Ford Focus RS is about to change everything. Although the Buzz Car won't be hitting the street any time soon, it can be said that it will give drivers a way to be more expressive of their emotions, and it has proven to be a step in the right direction for the entire automotive industry.

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