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Ford Donates 38 Vehicles for Ongoing Hurricane Relief in Houston

June 6, 2018

Ford Donates 38 Vehicles for Ongoing Hurricane Relief in Houston

When a city, state, or region finds itself in peril, it is often up to the community to join together and persevere. Sometimes that means rebuilding, or reorganizing, other times it can simply be for support – helping one another get through a tough time.

Following the events of last summer’s Hurricane Harvey landfall, which left $125 billion in damage to property, the community has stepped up in great response to one of the costliest natural disasters in United States history.

During a Texas is Family event earlier this year, local nonprofits joined Ford employees and Houston-area Ford dealers in supporting the ongoing recovery efforts throughout southeastern Texas and beyond. Here’s what resulted:

  • Houston Food Bank moved its emergency food pantry outside to serve as a pop-up food pantry for designated clients. Ford employee volunteers joined in on this effort, working to facilitate the pantry and assist clients with their visit.
  • Long-term recovery effort information was distributed by the American Red Cross, with topics ranging from its home fire campaign, and namely, hurricane readiness packets, which focused on flooding preparedness and who to reach out to post-disaster.
  • Because schools and teachers were not spared by the Harvey’s reach, First Book hosted a pop-up library for books and supplies to be used in affected districts. Here, Ford employee volunteers assisted school officials in selecting and packaging books and supplies for distribution after the event.
  • The Salvation Army, which specializes in disaster response across the country, provided beverages from its canteen – the vehicles used in disasters to serve first responders – as well as distributed information about the services it offers.
  • Ford Motor Company donated 38 Ford vehicles to eight organizations throughout the state of Texas. These vehicles, which vary in model, will be used to enhance ongoing relief efforts by delivering food, mental health and medical services, and vital items such as diapers, personal hygiene kits, bug spray, cleaning supplies, and coolers. The remaining vehicles will serve as rescue and evaluation vehicles for first responders during future emergencies.

As Texas continues to heal from the disaster that was last year’s Hurricane Harvey, it is important to note how many organizations and ordinary people have come together in the wake of an event that changed the lives of so many. Ford Motor Company, through this generous donation, not only augmented the ongoing efforts there, but has begun to help officials prepare for the next storm or disaster.

Ford Motor Company’s dedication to helping those in need is not limited to disaster response. Houston is one of 26 markets in the United States or Puerto Rico where Ford and its dealers have expanded their commitment to meet community needs by collaborating on programs and non-profit outreach.

A country, state, or city is only as good as its community. Judging by the response to the Texas is Family event, the United States, Texas, and Houston all remain strong, in good times or bad.

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