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Big Expectations for 2018 Ford Expedition Has Consumers Buzzing

July 25, 2017

Big Expectations for 2018 Ford Expedition Has Consumers Buzzing

The brand new 2018 Ford Expedition is leaner, bigger and simply put – meaner looking thanks to multiple changes made to one of Ford’s most popular SUV’s. Engineers removed almost 300 lbs. from 2017 editions during the redesign, which improves fuel efficiency, handling and overall performance. In short, the new 2018 Expedition is creating quite a buzz among automotive experts and provides consumers looking for a full-sized SUV an attractive option to consider.

Ford Motor Co.’s debuted the newly improved and loaded Expedition in February during the Detroit Auto Show. Although it completely redesigned the overall look and feel of the vehicle, this eight-passenger, full-sized SUV still maintains its off-road capability while still providing comfortable family driving around town.

Some of the biggest changes that Ford has made to the 2018 Expedition include the following:

The Upgraded FX4 Package

Offered to Ford owners for the first time since 2003, the all-new FX4 off-road package includes skid plates, off-road tuned shocked, beefy yet smooth driving all-terrain tires along with an electronic limited-slip rear differential that is engineered to boost performance in low-traction environment such as snow and icy roads. In fact, Ford is indicating that the FX4 package allows the 2018 Expedition to be the “most off-road capable” Expedition ever created.

Some of the tweaks made in 2018 Ford Expedition exterior produce an aggressive and sporty look that compliments the new Limited, XLT and Platinum trims that are also available to Ford owners in 2018. The FX4 trim is slightly lifted for higher ground clearance and includes darker colors on accent points like the front grill and chrome running boards to improve the overall look for this special edition.

Upgrades Under the Hood

The 2018 Expeditions will come from the factory standard with a fuel efficient yet peppy 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6 that gets a 10-horse boost to 375 horsepower. Torque is increased to 470 – an improvement of 50 foot-lbs. The Platinum edition of the 2018 Ford Expedition offers a 35-extra horse power output with torque improved to 480 pound-feet for better towing and hill climbing ability. Along with the new 10-speed transmission and a lighter body trim, this vehicle is expected to be much more improved in fuel efficiency. Although 2018 data has not yet been released yet, the 2017 Ford Expedition had an EPA estimated fuel economy of 21 mpg highway and 15 mpg city.

Additional Improvements for 2018 Ford Expedition

Outside of the updated powertrain options and upgrades to FX4 package, the 2018 Ford Expedition also includes more than 40 new features and driver-assist technologies. Some of these additional options include lane-keeping, parking assist, adaptive cruise control and a collision-avoidance system that helps to avoid pedestrians and other vehicles. Additional technology upgrades include adding in-vehicle WiFi hotspots, six USB charge ports, 15 cup holders and upgrades to Ford’s Sync3 technology and additional cargo space.

The 2018 Ford Expedition is Made in the USA and will be available at Ford dealerships in early fall 2017.

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