Best Fords of the Past Decade

December 20, 2017

Best Fords of the Past Decade

When it comes to buying a used car, do you ever face a rather strange dilemma?

You know the type we’re talking about.  On the one hand, you don’t want to pay copious amounts of money for a brand new car.  But at the same time, you don’t want to drive around some outdated hatchback that only felt its glory days in the 90s.

Thankfully, we know that feeling too.  And today, we’re here to make shopping for that used car a little bit easier.  Here’s how.

Right now, we’re going to show you the top Fords of the past decade. In other words, you can have your cake and eat it too.  With these cars, you’re getting a used vehicle that still brings modern features and designs.  So, read along with us if your ready to find the best Ford of the past decade!


Ford Fusion

In the car world, we’re constantly hearing about horsepower, torque, and speed.  But sometimes, we just want a car that will get us from point A to B.  If this sounds like you, then the Ford Fusion is the family sedan for you.

The base trim of this car will offer you 34 mpg.  So, you’re saving quite a bit at the pumps. 

Of course, if you’re opting to save a bit more in your drives across town, there’s also a plug-in hybrid model.  Here, you’re getting a 20-mile electric vehicle driving range.

Either way you look at it, you’re saving quite a bit of money on fuel economy with the Ford Fusion.

Of course, the actual drive itself is not too bad.  An optional all-wheel drive model ensures that no terrain or weather will hold this car back.

Plus, with a 0-60 mph in 7 seconds, you don’t need to worry much about merging onto those busy highways.


Ford Escape 

An SUV needed to make this list at some point, right?

When it comes to stellar SUV design, the Ford Escape just happens to hit all the right gears.

For starters, this SUV comes with a pretty nice engine.  Both available motors run with a solid four cylinders, allowing this SUV to get up and go when needed. To be exact, this SUV jumps from 0-60 mph in a respectable 7.1 seconds.

Additionally, this SUV is sold with your choice of four-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive.  If terrain is something that concerns you, this SUV covers that.

Lastly, you’re receiving quite a bit of space with the Ford Escape.  The cargo capacity allows for 68.1 cubic-feet of storage.  So if you’re planning a family trip, you’ll have all the space you need for storing luggage.


Ford Mustang 

How could we ever create a list of the best Fords without listing a Mustang somewhere along the way?

The Ford Mustang offers one of the best drives you’ll find on recent models.

To be precise, trims start by offering a powerful 305 hp. 

But you are buying a muscle car after all.  If you want maximum power, you can always opt for the supercharged V8 engine from the Shelby GT500 model of this car.  With this, you’ll be roaring down the streets with 550 horsepower backing your car. 

Who says all this power needs to be expensive?

Trims of the Ford Mustang offer as high as 31 highway mpg—a pretty solid amount for a car with sports performance.

And lastly, you’ll get some luxury as well in this muscle car.  Infotainment, power seats, heated seats, navigation and a back up camera are all included.  

So what are you waiting for?  If power is what you want, the Ford Mustang will give you some of the best.


Ford Fiesta

Are hatchbacks more your style when it comes to a sporty performance?  Then the Ford Fiesta might be the car for you.

At 120 hp, you’ll receive plenty of power to carry this super lightweight subcompact frame.

If fuel economy is on your mind, don’t worry.  The Ford Fiesta offers a solid 38 highway mpg—so you’ll save quite a bit at the pumps.  A super fuel economy package will even allot 40 mpg—so you can make some big savings if you happen to find a Fiesta with one of these packages installed. 

If you’re searching for a fun hatchback, the Ford Fiesta is the car for you.

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