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Ford Ranger Planned for a Return to the United States

March 10, 2017

Ford Ranger Planned for a Return to the United States

Recently, rumors have been circulating in a big way, suggesting that Ford may be bringing back the Ranger in 2019 to provide excited fans with one of the line-up's most celebrated vehicles. The Ford Ranger is planned to come back with the Bronco, which has affectionately been known as the older brother to the Ranger. The rumors have already kicked up an exciting storm of activity for interested drivers, and, the whispers have been verified to be true. The ranger has been spotted by fans on several occasions performing road tests, which may hint that it is going to be tuned up before it is made ready.

Though many car enthusiasts will be excited for the release of the Bronco, especially since it has been reported that the car will have a solid front axle created by Dana, many other enthusiasts may not be certain about the presence of the Ford Ranger. Many publications have been able to capture pictures of a camouflaged Ford Ranger near the brand's headquarters located in Michigan. This signifies that the manufacturer may want to keep some of the major styling elements of the vehicle a secret until all of the testing is completed and the car is ready to be released on the market.

Though not many other details were found about the camouflaged truck itself, what individuals did find could be a good representation of the version that is planned to be released in America. Further testing is planned to make sure that all of the components are able to work with each other, and many guess that Ford might want to split the difference when it comes to stripping down some of the older elements in favor of more modern innovations. Reports have said that the sheet metal for the camouflaged truck is similar to the Ranger that is currently being sold in the overseas markets.

Many knew that there was a chance that the Ranger would be able to come back to the United States, and many knew that there could be other versions of it that would provide individuals with even more functionality on the road by varying up the performance of the powertrain. The vehicle is expected to keep up with some other major players on the field, and ultimately many drivers are looking forward to the news to see what the vehicle can do for their needs.

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