Amazon Now Delivers To Your Ford

May 30, 2019

Amazon Now Delivers To Your Ford

Who doesn’t love Amazon, with their incredible inventory of products and the extremely convenient two day shipping? Other than the dreaded shipping delays that may happen from time to time, there seems to be one thing that ruins the experience for people: porch pirates, those people that go around, stealing packages from your front porch. In order to combat this issue, Amazon rolled out a program last year called the Amazon Key that would allow Prime customers to have packages delivered to their vehicles while the vehicle is parked in any publicly accessible parking. When this service was first launched, only select vehicles were eligible. But just a few weeks ago, Amazon announced that they would be expanding that service to Ford vehicles model years 2017, 2018, and 2019.

Currently the Key by Amazon in-car delivery service is only available to 50 cities and surrounding areas throughout the US. But we are happy to report that the Sacramento area is one of the select cities listed as eligible for this service. As long as your vehicle is 2017 and newer, equipped with FordPass Connect, and you are a Prime customer, you can start using this service immediately! Make sure you download the FordPass app, as well as the Key by Amazon app, create your account, and activate your vehicle for in-car delivery through the FordPass app.  

Here’s how the process works: after shopping on Amazon and selecting in-car delivery at checkout, you will receive a 4 hour expected delivery window. For Two-Day Shipping, this window usually falls right around 11 am and 3 pm. Whereas for One-Day Shipping, this window typically falls around 5 pm and 9 pm. On delivery day, you will simply have to park your vehicle in an open, street-level, publicly accessible area within a 2 block radius of the delivery address. The reason behind requiring vehicles to be in an open, street-level area is that multi-level and underground parking garages do not provide sufficient GPS data that would allow the delivery driver to find your specific vehicle. And in case you’re not sure just how far away you are from the delivery address, you can use the Key by Amazon app to find out.

Now that we have talked at length about how great this service is, we should probably also mention certain limitations regarding the in-car delivery. For one, not every item is eligible to be delivered to your vehicle. An example being that if the package is considered to be rather big and/or bulky, defined as being being bigger than 26x21x16 inches, Amazon will not deliver to your car. Though it may not sound like much, that size box is actually quite large. Boxes also cannot weigh more than 50 pounds. Items that require a signature or that are fulfilled by a third-party seller are also not eligible to be delivered to your vehicle. But even with these limitations, tens of millions of products sold on Amazon are still able to be delivered to your Ford.

This is just another one of the many advantages to owning a Ford in the Sacramento area. If you’re looking for a new or used Ford, come visit our dealership. Our team will be happy to show you various models so you can find the right Ford for you and your family.

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