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A First Look At the 2018 Ford Explorer

May 1, 2017

A First Look At the 2018 Ford Explorer

With all eyes on Ford, many fans are looking forward to seeing what the brand is going to change with its new Ford Explorer. The 2018 Ford Explorer boasts a variety of new additions, and the brand has taken the initiative to change up a few of the interior options in order to provide drivers with a more streamlined and modern way to drive.


As of April 2017, reviews for the Ford Explorer are looking favorable, as the styling of the 2018 Ford Explorer features a much more squared-off look, one that many believe was inspired by the arrangement of the Range Rover. Not many big changes are planned for the current version, but Ford is planning on a few visual tweaks that will allow the SUV to keep up with the competition. Other changes include providing drivers with a broad variety of new tech features, as well as a more responsive active-safety system that is designed to feel even more accessible for driver interested in the new vehicle.


Because the Explorer already received a relatively comprehensive change-up during 2016, representatives were pleased with the presentation, and the biggest changes to the 2018 model mostly affected the front grille design. The Sport trim level will feature a set of four exhaust tips, as well as new wheel designs across the board and four attractive new color options.


Not many changes are planned for the inside, though drivers will be able to look forward to the newly available 4G modem option. Those in the cockpit can work with a Wi-Fi hotspot system, which is meant to rival the 4G LTE hotspot systems that are already included as a standard part of many General Motors vehicles. Form may also charge subscription fees for data access, but the individual details have not been released yet.


To keep up with safety demands, drivers can also enjoy a Safe and Smart bundle that provides a few active-safety features that come available into a single option. The package also includes forward-collision warning, adaptive cruise control, blind-spot warning, lane-keeping assist, active high-beams and even rain-sensing wipers. This package will be readily available on the Limited, Sport and XLT trim levels. Though details are still in development many fans of the brand are already looking forward to future looks at the vehicle. Many of the contemporary changes promise to bring Ford up to speed with many other competitors, especially in the field of safety.


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