2020 Ford Explorer

September 20, 2018

2020 Ford Explorer

We really don’t like being “rumor central” but the word is, Ford will be adding a high performance ST model to the Explorer line in 2020 with an early preview in late 2019. When it will arrive exactly is still a mystery but it’s nice to know that the boys at Ford Performance are still hard at work.

It’s expected that the Explorer ST will be powered by the same EcoBoost twin-turbo V6 used in the existing Sport trim but that it will be tuned to generate in the neighborhood of 400 horse power. Also, it will be built on Ford’s new CD6 modular-platform that accommodates front wheel, rear wheel, and all wheel, drive trains. The ST is expected to come standard with AWD. That is going to change the driving dynamics of this already very popular people mover. A more powerful engine coupled with sure footed AWD will definitely enhance ride and feel.

This step to juice up the Explorer falls in line with Ford’s focus on performance. The new 2019 Edge ST broke ground as the first performance SUV and now the Explorer follows that trend being the first large, 7 passenger SUV to be treated as a performance vehicle.

It’s Going to be Fast, but it will be Much More than That

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