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2019 Ford Ranger Has Eyes in the Back of its Head

August 27, 2018

2019 Ford Ranger Has Eyes in the Back of its Head

This fall, the iconic Ford Ranger brand makes a return to the lineup as an exciting mid-size pickup that we are sure will be hit among drivers who want the capabilities of a pickup but don’t need a full-size model. Without question the Ranger will borrow some of the proven technology from its big brother the F-150, but one feature in particular will make the Ranger unique in its class.

The 2019 Ford Ranger will have eyes in the back of its head.

Actually, that’s an analogy. The Ranger’s XLT and Lariat trims will have, as standard equipment, a sophisticated blind spot monitor. Plenty of cars have blind-zone monitors, but most trucks rely on side view mirrors. Monitoring the blind-zone becomes even trickier when you are towing a trailer. A trailer’s length can make optical detection of a vehicle behind the trailer or in the adjoining lane difficult.

The solution, the eyes in the back of the head, are radar emitters placed in the Ranger’s taillights. This is a proven technology borrowed from the F-150 that expands the blind-zone monitor’s reach. Set up is simple. The length of the trailer is entered into the Ranger’s gauge cluster and that automatically adjusts the emitters to optimize coverage. Safety is always a high priority with Ford and the addition of theses radar emitters will allow the driver to change lanes while towing with confidence.

Why the 2019 Ford Ranger is Going to Change the Auto Market in Sacramento

The iconic F-150 has been the best-selling pickup in America for over 4 decades. Why would Ford introduce a mid-size pickup when they already dominate the full-size market? Won’t the Ranger simply be new competition for the F-150?

After careful market research, Ford has determined that the F-150 driver and the potential Ranger driver are two distinctive groups with different requirements for their trucks. The Ranger owner is an urban dweller who drives his truck to work—not for work—and uses it to play on the weekend while towing his toys or piling them in the truck bed. Basically, this prospective buyer wants a truck that is easier to drive, park, and fit in the garage. 

At Team Ford and the surrounding Woodland area, we have plenty of drivers that fit that description and many of them are currently driving SUVs.

Coming in Early 2019

Americans love their pickups, that’s why they are the most popular class of vehicle in the country. There’s just something about the high ride, the aggressive look, and the different experience that a truck provides that keeps people flocking to them. Now that there is a Ford truck that will be undoubtedly more fuel efficient, easier to maneuver in city traffic, and actually fits in most garages, we believe the Ford Ranger will attract a significant number of SUV and even crossover drivers.

Want one in your garage? We don’t want to get ahead of Ford’s official announcement on features, specs and pricing. But if you keep an eye on our blog you can be sure we will be talking about the Ranger when it rolls into our showroom. Stay tuned.

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