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2019 Ford Focus – A Game Changer for Entry Level Cars

July 26, 2018

2019 Ford Focus – A Game Changer for Entry Level Cars

At Team Ford we are in the business of offering the best in automotive values and services to our customers in Woodland and all across Yolo County. It’s not surprising that we get excited when it gets near new model season. Ford has a great lineup for 2019, but the one model that really has our interest is the new 2019 Ford Focus. That’s right, the entry level, most affordable, compact car the company offers.

The Focus has always been a great little car. It’s a perfect fit for buyers on a budget who need reliable transportation, great mileage, and a comfortable ride. But in 2019, Ford is taking the Focus to a new level, one we think will get people in Woodland thinking of compacts in a whole different way.

2019 Ford Focus - New Look, New Ride, Whole New Ball Game

In a nutshell, the big differences between the 2019 Focus and this year’s model are exciting design changes, powerful technology advances, an overall sportier ride and feel, and of course…more room. The official U.S. release date and specifications have not been announced yet, but based on the German and Chinese debuts, we are looking forward to a game changing addition to the Ford stable.

So, let’s run down some of the changes we’ll see with the new Focus. The first thing most people will notice is the styling. In Germany, the Focus will come in a hatchback, crossover, and sedan version. Each will have distinctive, aggressive grills which go great with the new sculpted hood and wheel arches. Regardless of the model, the new Focus takes on a look that is distinctly nor entry level.

It’s slightly lower than the 2018 for a sportier feel, it’s 20% stiffer meaning a tighter, more solid ride, and most importantly, it has a wheel base that is longer meaning more room inside! The major difference in the cabin is the back seat. The extra room translates into leg room and head space for passengers in the rear. Other features include upgraded dash and trim materials, SYNC 3, a class-exclusive heads-up display (HUD) that you can see even wearing polarized glasses, thoughtful convenience items like a knee rest on the console and new cabin storage space.

Let’s Talk Technology

The 2019 Focus may be the smallest ride Ford offers, but it is packed with the best Ford has to offer in automotive technology. Have a look:

  • Want a smoother ride? Available adaptive suspension actually sees the rough road ahead and adjust the suspension to compensate for pot holes and other rough spots.
  • Want more confidence making turns at night? Cameras turn the beam projector in the headlamp casing to give you a clear view of where you’re going.
  • Hate parallel parking? The automatic parking feature is truly automatic. When you are looking for a space you simply press one button. When the car finds a parallel spot, it will stop and tell you to take your hands and feet off the controls. Keep the button pushed and the car maneuvers itself into the spot without input from the driver.
  • Adaptive cruise-control, lane keeping assistance, and avoidance steering assistance are just a few of the safety technologies included.

The 2019 Ford Focus is going to be an awesome addition to the Team Ford lineup. We will be sure to share more information as soon as we get it. Bookmark our Blog to get the latest updates.

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