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2019 Ford Edge ST – America’s First Performance SUV

August 15, 2018

2019 Ford Edge ST – America’s First Performance SUV

Need to get your groceries really fast? Want an SUV with serious oomph? Enter the 2019 Ford Edge ST, the first SUV to get the attention of the speed gurus at the Ford Performance shop. The standard 2019 Ford Edge is a beautiful thing with a redesigned grill and bumpers, a stack of standard safety technology, and a new transmission. But the Edge ST is in a class of its own.

Before we get into the performance details, let’s make one thing crystal clear. Although the Edge ST is just about track ready, it is not a garage queen that is only brought out on the weekends for fun. The 2019 Ford Edge ST retains all the utility, functionality and economy of the standard model making it an ideal daily commute or grocery hauling home ride.

It will also go very, very fast.

Under the Hood

Behind the new, hexagonal honeycomb mesh grill sits a 2.7L EcoBoost V6 engine tuned to deliver 335 hp and more importantly, 385 lb-ft of torque. The 2.7L is now the most powerful V6 in the midsize SUV market. That power is channeled to all four wheels via a new 8-speed automatic transmission. Here’s a practical example of what ST performance does.

Because the Edge ST is an AWD vehicle, and because the EcoBoost engine delivers maximum torque at low RPMs, the Edge ST has plenty of go-fast energy being directed to all four wheels right from the git-go. And that means your groceries had better be stored snugly because they are about to be subjected to a pretty remarkable launch. 

The Full ST Treatment

So yes, the Edge ST is hot off the line and that power surge has long legs as well. But power to the pavement is only part of the ST treatment. The Edge ST suspension is tweaked with affirmative damping, torque vectoring and pitch control to keep the vehicle firmly planted. The transmission, which uses a rotary dial instead of a gear shift, has an “S” button in the center which stands for Sport Mode. Push that button and the vehicle takes on a different personality.

For starters, engine calibrations are changed and result in an aggressive exhaust tone sure to surprise any driver next to you when you turn it on. At the same time, the transmission prepares for a more aggressive style of driving. If you find some twisty curves you would like to carve up, the transmission will make rev match downshifts and calculate optimal RPM for the curve’s apex so you can power through. Awesome.

High performance can create high heat temperatures. The honeycomb grill is not just for show. It allows a massive amount of air into the engine compartment to dissipate engine heat and cool the front brakes. In the back, oversized 345 mm slotted rotors are needed to meet the ST standards for brake cooling.

The Final Touch

Just in case you wake up one morning and forget that your handsome SUV is also the only performance SUV is Woodland, Ford has conveniently placed ST badges on the grill and rear, installed a Ford Performance kick plate, and placed ST logos in three places in the interior. If you miss these, the heavily bolstered racing seats and special steering wheel might jog your memory. Of course, the premium sound system, car-borne Wi-Fi, long list of safety technologies, and confident drive dynamics may make you think you are in a standard 2019 Edge.

Either way, this is going to be one satisfying automotive experience. Stay tuned!


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