2017 Ford Fiesta ST Plans for a Smaller Engine that Packs a Bigger Punch

April 17, 2017

2017 Ford Fiesta ST Plans for a Smaller Engine that Packs a Bigger Punch

Ford has been popping up a lot lately in recent automotive news trends because of the ambitious operations planned for the future of the brand. Currently, there are many innovations the experts have scheduled according to providing customers with exciting new ways to not only drive their vehicles but also communicate with them. In addition to sweeping technological application changes, Ford has recently released the latest details on the updated 2017 Fiesta ST. The vehicle has been planned to debut alongside many others at the Geneva Motor Show, and fans of the brand are excited to see what they can expect from the manufacturer in the future.

The biggest news for one of Ford's most popular hatchbacks is that it is planning on dropping its 1.6-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine in order to work with a newer 1.5-liter turbocharged three-cylinder system. Through such a replacement, the three-pot engine designed within the Ford Performance family is planned to deliver the approximate same amount of horsepower as the previous engine did. While horsepower has been replaced to be the same, the new engine may also pack a little bit more torque, featuring 213 pound-feet instead of the previous 202.

This engine change is exciting news for many, as Ford also promises better fuel economy improvements through the use of the downsized engine. The new engine is also going to feature cylinder deactivation that is capable of cutting fuel to any one of its three cylinders during a difficult situation. The process has been streamlined and made more powerful, and individuals can expect the disengaging and reengaging process to take only 14 milliseconds.

With these new features, ford is also planning on establishing a newer Drive Mode system that can offer drivers three changeable settings, which include Sport, Track and Normal. By toggling through these various modes, individuals can adjust their ST engine response times, stability control, steering and general exhaust behavior. Individuals can change the settings according to the type of drive that they are planning on pursuing, which makes it easy for users to stay active and up to date on their engine performance as required. Many are excited to keep up with the new Ford updates as such technological options may also serve to better synergize with future plans for other vehicles, improving drive versatility in all types of vehicles.

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